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How to select Salon and Spa towels?

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How to select Salon and Spa towels?

Many Owners and Managers of Beauty Salons & Spas, Nail Salons, and Tanning Salons do not select the right type of towels for the best effective usage. Two of the most common mistakes are to use the same towels throughout the Salon or to mix towels between different sections of the Salon. These mistakes are costly and create situations in which the towels are not utilized to the greatest effect. Towels used in this Manner will also be unsightly and require early replacement. Here are some recommendations and insights that will save Salon Owners and Managers both Time and Money.

The Towel industry has come up with new and improved lines of towel products in the last 15 years, which cater to the specific demands of the Beauty Industry. One such towel line, that less than 10% of Salon Owners are aware of, is the “Bleach Proof Towel”. Coloring Chemicals such as Peroxide and other Bleaching agents do not affect the color of the “Bleach Proof Towel”. Even after Hundreds of Washes, the “Bleach Proof Towel” retains its original color and finish, with no discernible fading.

Generally, Salon Owners and Managers replace Towels for four reasons. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to each of these common problems.
  • Regular towels are “spotted” and look “ruined” due to frequent exposure to Salon chemicals
  • Regular towel edges fray due to poor hemming. “Bleach Proof Towels” and other Towels come with “Salvage Edges” or “Double Hemming” on all sides
  • Towels develop holes due to low quality yarn and poor weave density. “Bleach Proof Towels” and other available Towels, have extremely tight weave in the Base Cloth to prevent these holes
  • Towels that have very heavy lint lose their weight or become thin and easily tear apart. “Bleach Proof Towels” and other available Towels are made with high quality “Ring spun Yarn” or “Combed Cotton”

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Towels for Hair Coloring

Each Towel’s original length should be at least 27″. After five washes it should not shrink to less than 25”; in other words it should remain within 2” of its original length. A loosely woven Towel will shrink considerably more than 2.” Some Towels have very high Pile height (loops) that give a false impression that the Towels are thick. They are not recommended as this “thickness” lasts no more than several washes. On the other hand, Bleach proof Towels have sustained “thickness” or minimal shrinkage.

Bleach Proof Towels” in dark colors are recommended so that any Color Tint will not show-up. Black is the most popular color, and will suit most Salons’ Décor and Design. Brown, Charcoal Gray, Navy Blue, Green, Burgundy, and purple follow in order of preference. Light colors, such as Light Grey, will show Color Tint, BUT if washed with Bleach in cold water, the Color Tint will be removed (provided the towels are “Bleach Proof”, of course). Bleach cannot be used in every single wash as it will weaken the strength of the yarn, and in turn, the life of towels. For instance, some salons use white towels and use Bleach on every wash to remove Color Tint. These towels tend to have less than 1/3 of a normal Towel’s life. The cost of towel per use is low because they last more number of washes. “CONFUSING–don’t understand Bleach Proof Towels” are more expensive than standard towels, but they save time and money.

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Towels for Shampooing and Drying:

These Towels do need not be “Bleach Proof Towels”. White Towels are effective for general Shampooing and Drying purposes. Again, the length should be 27”and shrinkage should never exceed 2.” With this in mind, please consider a White Towel or Color Towel of “Ring Spun Yarn” or “Combed Cotton” with “Salvage Edges” or “Double Hemming” to reduce wear and tear.

In the coming months, further discussion of Towel Selection for Nail Salons (Manicure & Pedicure), Tanning Salons, and Beauty Salon & Spa will ensue, with more helpful hints. Our Towels are perfectly suited for such diverse uses as Facial Towels, Spa Towels, Shampooing and Drying Towels and Hair Coloring Towels. The differences we pointed out may seem insignificant at first, but once you try our recommendations, the positive impact on-the-clock, and in your wallet will be readily apparent.

You may contact me for any questions related to Salon, Spa, Towels, Body Wraps, Bath Robes, Capes Spa sheets and Blankets etc.

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