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HY Supplies Inc. offers luxurious towels made of 100% pure cotton, perfect for any business that wants to impress their guests with superior linens. This luxury cotton towel collection offers a variety of towel sizes and styles for you to choose from.

HY Supplies Inc. choice towel collection is designed to meet the needs of upscale hotels, resorts, inns, spas and cruise lines. These hotel towels are manufactured at reliable mills with a centuries-old tradition of weaving and producing some of the world's finest textiles in modern facilities. These premium towels come in a full range of sizes.

With new luxury bath towels from HY Supplies Inc, you'll have super-soft and absorbent cotton towels that are affordable. These luxury bath towels are spa quality with thick cotton construction. So for the very best luxury bath towels, choose from HY Supplies collection of cotton towels with matching hand towels.

The HY Supplies collection has used 100% pure cotton and spa-quality design to offer an impressive line of spa towels and hand towels for all types of salons, spas, hotels and vacation resorts. The cotton bath towel collection comes in many reliable styles and sizes. From the unique Egyptian cotton and blended spa towels to the well made and durable economy white spa towel. High absorbency cotton absorbs water quickly, yet dries in no time. These towels are perfect for long term heavy use.

The towels are plush, luxurious and functional and have reinforced edges. These Bath Towels are the cream of the crop and rightly so! Woven with 100% pure Egyptian cotton, the Spa Towels are ultra thick and super absorbent. You will find these towels at HY Supplies Inc, one of the largest online suppliers of luxury bath accessories such as towels, Bathrobes and ensembles.

Available in many different colors including Kashmir green and Royal blue, these Egyptian cotton towels will add first class appeal to any bathroom decor. Low prices are the norm so order from the HY Supplies Spa Hand Towel collection online right now!

Order your bathroom linens here now. Do you need help locating the perfect towel in the right color or style for your next wholesale order? HY Supplies offers personalized customer service, catering to your taste and style. Additionally, Search our website for the products you require and you will find a simple to follow ordering system and help with sizing, styles and more!

Looking for a first class luxury bath towel with all the softness and splendor of cotton? Your wait is over! HY Supplies inc. is one of the largest online suppliers of luxury bath towels, table wraps/ skirts and many magnificent tablecloths. You will locate the ideal bathroom towel collection to provide the ultimate in comfort and softness while keeping that first class appeal for all of your guests.

Our towels are the premium luxury bath towels with the finest Egyptian "zero-twist” yarn that creates superior softness and minimal shedding or lint. They have unsurpassed absorbency with 100% Egyptian cotton. The complete reinforced edged binding adds durability. Many bed and breakfasts and intimate boutique spas, hotels, resorts and motels order Quality HY Supplies Linens.

Egyptian Cotton Color towels are just one luxury towel collection offered by one of the largest online suppliers of upscale and designer table and bathroom linens including towels and more. Hy Supplies Inc offers everything you need to add comfort, softness and elegance with their premier bath towels, table linens and accessories.

For years now, Hy Supplies has offered their valued customers luxury AND economy towels and bathroom linens from quality manufacturers. Why wait a moment longer to add new Spa hand towels and luxury towels to your bathrooms. Order now and really impress your clients and guests!

Mary Jones