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Most tablecloths are used to cover a table in a decorative yet practical manner. Typically, tablecloths are made of cotton or artificial fabrics and are meant to be durable and long lasting and many are often designed to be easy to wipe clean. More expensive tablecloths can be made from silk, linen, or lace.

While many table cloths are meant to protect the table from being stained or scratched, they may also be used purely for decorative purposes, either hanging near two ends vertically over two parallel edges of the table, or hang mostly vertical along all four edges of the table, with bunched folds hanging at the four corners of the table.

Choose your fitted tablecloths in polyester, lace, sheer fabrics or a blend of materials. Opt for a custom white polyester/cotton blend from HY Supplies.

With our choices of colors, you can make any room appear vibrant. You will be able to match almost any color of room. Mix and match to get just the right combination of color and texture. With the right combination, you are sure to impress your honored guests during the special occasions and events. Try using a square poly fiber Tablecloth over a round solid or an Oblong Table Cloth over an oval solid. The results are very dramatic.

If you like the look of a decorated table, our wide variety of table cloths will impress you. They don't require ironing or a spin through the washer and dryer after each use. Combine the table cloths or throws with a glass or clear Plexiglas covering, and you're on your way to an uncluttered and easily maintained dining table!

You can use any color that you we have available or even a combination of colors for example, white table cloths with ivory or burgundy napkins, etc. You can even alternate and do every other table in a different color table cloth or table throw. You may also choose to do all the guest tables in hunter green and burgundy and the head table in white or Ivory! If you're flowers and/or candles are white, then you may want to use the black or hunter or navy blue so that the flowers and candles stand out more!

Caring for your Tablecloths is very simple. Make sure your washer and dryer are in good working order with no rough areas that might snag the fabric. All linens should be free of excess food. Shake them out when necessary to remove the foreign debris. Cold water wash, using a mild detergent only. Try to avoid a high alkaline level. Do not use bleach unless it is necessary for whites. Tumble dry with a cool temperature and promptly remove them from the dryer. Do not over-dry them.

Meals are enjoyed more when a table is set with the comfort and convenience of the seated guest in mind. The table doesn't need to be elaborate to make it attractive. However a table should be well staged so as to stimulate people's appetite. If your table has a large width don't worry. We have a large variety of custom table cloths with large widths available at HY Supplies.

With so many tables to decorate, a Hotel, motel or resort restaurants, budget could be stretched thinner than the table cloth itself when choosing to make each table attractive. There are many easy ways to decorate tables without excessive spending on pricey table linens unless you choose a higher end product. HY Supplies can supply any of your needs or any budget.

The size of a table cloth is determined by the size of the table on which it would be put. Table cloths should hang down the side of the table up to at least 30cm. For very formal and buffet tables, the cloth should hang almost to the ground.

Transform your table with a unique and stylish new table cloth. The shape and arrangement of tables is a subtle but powerful decorative element. Smaller round or oval tables are more elegant than rectangular tables, and arranging tables in clusters encourages conversation and mingling.

Buffet tables may be arranged in a U-shape or other format for more distinction than a straight line. For banquets or wedding receptions, adding a backdrop behind the head table or cake table can also accentuate the decorations and create a picture perfect setting that will complement the entire room.

Hy Supplies can provide you with all of your dining and/ or banquet facility table linens and fit you company budget whatever it is. Online ordering is simple, secure and seamless and your order will be expedited by our professional staff.