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Salon Towels in Bulk
Salon Towels in Bulk

Our No.1 selling Bleach Resistant Color-Safe Salon Towels 
(Size 16x27-3.0 lbs) are available in eight different colors

Our premium quality ring-spun yarn Color Salon Towels are 
as low as 
$17.25/Doz and available in three different 
sizes such as 15x25-2.25lbs, 16x27-2.75lbs and 16x28-3.0lbs

We have a wide selection of White Salon Towels as low as $8.00/Doz available is four different sizes such as 15x25-2.25lbs, 16x27-2.75lbs, 16x27-3.0 lbs,and 16x30-4.0 lbs.

  •   All Towels are 100% Cotton
  •   Group I    : Bleach Proof Color Resistant Towels 
  •   Group II   : Available in 8 Colors - Each Size
  •   Group III  : White Salon Towels Four different Size and weights

We have been buying Bleach Proof & and other salon towels  from HY Supplies, since 1993. We are extremely happy with their service and quality of their products. Their Towels are the best and we use it in all 5 different locations.

Steve  - Chicago