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Table Toppers
Table Toppers

Made of 100% Knitted Poly Fabric  - Available in Many Existing Colors - These Table Toppers are Best Suited for 6 Ft and 8 Ft Banquet Tables.

  • Wrinkle Free with Easy Care
  • Matching Colors for Table Skirts
  • Ideal for Banquet Halls, Tradeshows and Wedding Events

HY Supplies has been providing table toppers for my banquet hall for over a year now and they look great for all my events. They are wrinkle-free and that saves me a lot of time and efforts to maintain them.  They offer great prices and provide excellent customer service to top it!


Table Toppers
Style # & Description Color/Size Qty. Quantity Pricing
FDTT001 - TABLE TOPPER - 60X108 - FITS 8Ft TABLE - 100% POLY
1-12 Ea.
$ 17.25/Ea.
13-24 Ea.
$ 16.95/Ea.
25-36 Ea.
$ 16.50/Ea.
37+ Ea.
$ 16.25/Ea.