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Towels for Beauty Salon
Towels for Beauty Salon

Our premium quality ring spun yarn Color Salon Towels are 
as low as 
$17.25/Doz and available in three different 
sizes such as 15x25-2.25lbs, 16x27-2.75lbs and 16x28-3.0lbs

Our No1 selling Beach Resistant Color Safe Salon Towels 
(Size 16x27-3.0 lbs) are available in eight different colors

We have wide choice of White Salon Towels as low as $8.00/Doz 
available is four different sizes such as 15x25-2.25lbs, 16x27-2.75lbs, 
16x27-3.0 lbs,and 16x30-4.0 lbs.

  • All Towels are 100% Cotton
  • Group I    : Available in 12 Colors -  Each Size
  • Group II   : Bleach Proof and Double Hemmed 
  • Group III  : White Salon Towels

We supply a wide variety of salon products to meet any budget.

We have been buying Bleach Proof & Black Magic towels from HY Supplies, since 1997. We've tried other Bleach Proof towels and the Black Magic Bleach Proof Towels are the Best!

Barbara - Emile Salon & Day Spa